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Sentinel Plus Automatic

Automatic motorized adjustment

Available as an optional upgrade, the Automatic Brackets automate the process of adjusting and positioning the transmitter and receiver during tool change. The Automatic Brackets incorporate a compact motorised drive system that is controlled via the Sentinel Plus user interface panel with simple one touch operation.

During tool change, the operator can press the HOME button to drive the transmitter and receiver to the top position so punches can be removed and loaded from the ends of the machine. Once a new punch has been installed, the operator simply presses the ALIGN button and the brackets automatically drive the transmitter and receiver to the punch position until the camera receiver detects the tool tip, then Sentinel Plus automatically scans the punch and dynamically adjusts the protection zone.

Automatic Brackets
Free sliding operation

The Automatic Brackets retain the same free-sliding operation as the Standard linear brackets so that if a static object is contacted when the brackets are adjusting or when the machine is moving down, then the brackets slide up to avoid potential damage.

Manual operation

In addition to the automatic adjustment, the Automatic Brackets can be manually positioned up and down via directional controls on the HMI. They can also be manually driven in the event of a power failure.