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Interlocked Press Brake Rear Area Scissor Gate

Protect the rear area access space from personnel on all your press brakes. Our expandable “scissor” type press brake rear guard is electrically interlocked and can open completely to allow maintenace functions without restriction.  Choose the size below that is closest to your horizontal rear opening and choose your height. If the guard requires a stand off due to obstructions such as back gauge arms, indicate the width needed for installation of side wings.

KT-RG3-4076 (4’H, 76”W)
KT-RG3-4100 (4’H, 100”W)
KT-RG3-4124 (4’H,124”W)
KT-RG3-4140 (4’H, 140”W)

KT-RG3-5076 (5’H, 76”W)
KT-RG3-5100 (5’H, 100”W)
KT-RG3-5124 (5’H, 124”W)
KT-RG3-5140 (5’H, 140”W)

KT-RG3-6076 (6’H, 76”W)
KT-RG3-6100 (6’H, 100”W)
KT-RG3-6124 (6’H, 124”W)
KT-RG3-6140 (6’H, 140”W)