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THCO is the appointed Master Distributor and Authorized Spare Parts center for Lazer Safe retrofit press brake guarding systems. Over the past 10 years, we have supplied and installed well over one thousand Lazer Safe retrofit systems on a wide range of different makes and models of press brakes.

  • Systems and spare parts stocked locally with overnight shipping to most locations.
  • Quality installation services with most retrofits completed in one day so your machines are back in production with minimal downtime.
  • Expert training services to help your operators achieve maximum performance and productivity benefits.
  • Competitive all inclusive package pricing with no hidden extras.
  • Dedicated telephone technical support.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable field engineers.

Competitive all inclusive package pricing with no hidden extras

We quote complete turn key packages including the Lazer Safe system, interface equipment, consumables, installation service, operator training and travel costs. We have installed well over one thousand systems so our installations are very efficient and this enables us to provide turn key packages at competitive prices. We can also provide discounted rates for multiple machines at the same site installed in the same visit.

Expert Installation

Our dedicated and experienced technicians travel the country outfitted with all the tools and equipment required for any press brake application. Upon arrival, our installers unload mobile work carts and set-up next to the machine. Most of the installation and system components are prepared and preassembled off-site, significantly reducing installation time. Most systems are installed and commissioned in a day or less allowing for maximum machine uptime.  This allows our expert staff more time for operator training  and streamlining set-up to suit your bending applications.

Once our retrofit process is completed, our installers clean up the work site, hand over completed and signed-off training forms and provide your site manager system manuals, guides and alignment tools.

Operator training courses and system upgrades

If you have new staff or existing staff that require training then we can help. Our training courses are scheduled and run at your facility so your operators learn on the machines and systems they use every day. We go through all the safety aspects of operating the press brake with the Lazer Safe system including set-up, operation and troubleshooting.

We also spend time going through your bending applications and show your operators which guarding modes to use in order to get the best level of performance. We also inspect and re-align your Lazer Safe systems, make sure they are working to optimal efficiency and provide your with completed and signed-off training forms. We also supply you with updated system manuals, guides and new alignment tools. If you have an older system we can also advise of any upgrades that can enhance the functionality and performance of your system. We carry a wide range of parts so most upgrade can be performed during our training visit without the need for a return trip.

Local stock and support

We stock complete systems and an extensive range of spare parts with overnight shipping available to most locations. This means we can get parts to you quickly to minimize downtime. Most components are plug and play and with our dedicated telephone support your in-house maintenance personnel can easily perform parts exchange without the need or cost of a service visit.

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